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Love, what is it? Is it a feeling to be cared for? Is it a desire to be kissed, smothered and pampered? What is love exactly? Love is defined by the dictionary as a romantic or sexual attachment but is that all that love is? No, it is not and that is what this website will tell you. You will get to read articles, ebooks and other forms of knowledge through which you will develop an insight about the true meaning of love. Love is not a word, not just a feeling it is rather a natural phenomenon. Love changes lives daily, some people get loved, some are left brokenhearted. But this game of someone becoming happy and someone becoming sad cannot define love. Yes, there can be some compatibility issues among people but why blame the beautiful feeling of love for the demise of their relationship? Forget all about the ugly and misleading anti-love quotes you read on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter for after you go through this website, you will understand the true meaning of love.

We live in the 21st century and like everything the process of loving each other or falling in love with someone has changed. Earlier in the 16th or 17th centuries, love was a mere formality left for after-the-marriage. It didn’t matter if a husband loved his wife as they never knew each other before. Marriage and love was a deal but Love has changed significantly and the most common form of ‘falling in love’ now is Dating. Two people meet each other, become friends and then go on a date. Dating is a good form of relationship to know each other before becoming a serious couple but at the same time dating is a cliché too. People date because everyone else is dating. This is not so much of knowing each other and loving each other but just that, “I need a date because everyone else is dating”. But where do we come in here? We will give you tips and you can also check out the products page from time to time thus helping those who cannot reveal their feelings when on a date or cannot ask someone out for a date and for that you need to understand what Connections are…

Connections are an important part in the process of finding a date and falling in love. Connections have changed. You don’t just talk to people on the street now. You generally find a date online on a dating site. The internet is the epitome of dating, flirting and also, falling in love. The time is not far when a son will ask his father about how his parents came to be together or met each other and the father will answer, “Dear son, the connection started with a friend request.” Online dating and connecting can be done on Facebook, Twitter etc. or on exclusive dating sites. On our website, you can find all you would want to know about connections and how to connect with a perfect partner. But connections are not just basically getting to know someone. For connecting with someone, you need to meet with them at an emotional level as well as a physical base as both of them are necessary for two people to connect with one another. We will provide you with all the knowledge base about how to seek and find a true connection with someone.

After the spark of connection, come relationships. Relationships can be differentiated into many types but we don’t have to do that. Relationships are commitments of people towards their significant other, Commitments, which are more important than their life itself. Relationships fail too but we will help you through any phase. Our articles and eBooks will also contain insight as to how to save a falling relationship or even, how to move on. We don’t stick to one view; we welcome all scenarios and will guide you through every phase of your relationship. Can’t figure out what gift to give for your anniversary? We’ll cover that too. In short, we have everything for your relationship needs.

Friendships and Romance are two feelings which are never looked at together but are very much interrelated. When two people are friends, the sparks for romance and love can fly anytime and without any notification. Very good friends tend to fall in love with each other in most of the cases but are always afraid to confess their love or romantic feelings to the other in the fear that it will harm their friendship. But in several cases, best friends tend to be better partners for each other in a relationship filled with commitment, romance, passion and compassion. Good friends already know everything about each other which creates a base for the relationship and also sometimes, it’s not that one of them finds the romance; romance finds both of them and in just one, sudden moment, they are in love.

But all cases are not the same and sometimes the romance in a friendship can be one sided which is often. Our further articles may also be based on the same dilemma too, “Whether to tell a friend or not?” or something like that. Friendships are the first idea to approach someone you like or have a romantic interest in and it is the best step towards getting to know someone. Friends have a connection which if developed and pursued in the right manner can actually land you with the person you love.

We’ve talked about Romance in the last few paragraphs but what is Romance? You must think that Romance is kissing or touching each other or generally a sexual experience but it is not so. Romance is a very deep emotion that can even be showed by making pancakes for your love. Romance is a feeling of closeness, togetherness, love and commitment, all of them combined into one. When you are in romantic relationship, you are not just looking at the physical aspect of a relationship but also the emotional and inner beauty of the relationship. The connection that two people share with each other and this romance can very well be achieved by knowing each other through friendship.

After everything we’ve just talked about, the main question remains is, “What role does Social Networks or Dating Sites play in all of this?” The answer is quite simple; you can find all sorts of people with different qualities on Social Networks. Social networking is an asset to you if you want to meet new people and find someone truly worthy of a relationship, truly worthy of you. On dating sites, you can also enter your likes and dislikes about personalities, thus, enabling you to find a perfect partner for yourself. We will give all sorts of tips about safety and usefulness on Dating sites and social networks. We will also provide you with tips to judge a person from another corner of the world by just the profile info they have provided.

At last, I’ll just say, bookmark LoveDateConnect now and make sure you never miss on an opportunity to fall in love, at the right moment, with the right person!